Xiaomi Hutt DDC55 Window cleaner robot 650 mAh White

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Colour White


HUTT Robotic Window Cleaner (DDC55)

With the Xiaomi HUTT DDC55 window cleaning robot, there is no longer any need to climb stairs, putting yourself in danger to get clean. The device is made of ABS plastic, has compact dimensions – 37.5 x 31.5 x 10 cm and is presented in a classic white range. With this size, the device is suitable for cleaning windows and mirrors in any of the rooms in the house/apartment.

1m2 in 3 minutes

Xiaomi HUTT DDC55 comes with a remote control. It takes about three minutes to clean 1 m2. With the emergency power off feature, the smart window cleaner can run for another 20 minutes to complete the cleaning process.

Automatic suction power adjustment and fault detection

The Xiaomi HUTT DDC55 robotic glass cleaner is equipped with a new reversing frequency function. Therefore, it can automatically change the suction power from 2600 Pa to 3400 Pa according to the contamination level it automatically detects. Integrated AI function, it can detect any obstacle or frame and turn back in time to avoid falling.

Main features of Xiaomi HUTT DDC55
Type of product robot
Type of power supply from battery, from mains
Type of cleaning wet, dry
Cleaning speed, m2 / min 3
Power consumption, in 120
Noise level, dB 65
Battery 650 mah
Battery life, min 20
Feature Array
Complete Washer, Remote Control, Sprayer, Safety cable, Charger, Robot
Dimensions (HxWxD), mm 375 x 315 x 85
Weight, g 1140