Xiaomi ZMI Pro 20000 Power bank QB823 | Powerbank | 20000 mAh, 65W


Xiaomi ZMI Pro 20000 Power bank

The PowerPack 20K Pro offers the highest power output of any Powerbank. No matter where you go, the PowerPack 20K Pro will make sure your phone or laptop stays charged. You will no longer have to constantly search for a free electrical outlet. No more being stuck in an uncomfortable position trying to charge and use your phone at the same time. You can comfortably lie in bed and watch hours of movies on your laptop. You can also explore the world and always have enough power to stay in touch with friends and family. Whether you’re an avid gamer or a business person who’s always on the go, the PowerPack 20K will give you constant access to energy wherever you are, whenever.

Features ZMI Powerbank Pro 20000

  • Capacity 20000mAh
  • Charging 3 devices simultaneously
  • Works as USB hub
  • Maximum charging power 65W
  • Charges Nintendo Switch, iPad Pro, and any laptop requiring up to 65 watts to charge
  • Two USB-A connectors with Quick Charge 2.0/3.0
  • It can be stowed in a purse, backpack or even a pouch
  • Premium heavy-duty construction
  • A number of built-in security features


ZMI 20K Pro 20000mAh power bank with 65W output power

The ZMI 20K Pro 20000mAh is a two-in-one power bank. It can be used as a USB hub and charger for compatible devices, supporting a wide list of gadgets including Apple and Android products The USB input/output ports feature fast charging technology, so you can expect your device to be charged in just 3 hours. The maximum power of 65 watts allows you to charge your laptop and other devices at the same time.


Multiple device charging options

The ZMI 20K Pro 20000mAh Power Bank features three USB ports. You can charge any USB-C device and the device itself using the 65W QC 2.0/Power Delivery 3.0 USB-C bi-directional input/output port. The device is compatible with Nintendo Switch, iPad Pro, Mi 9, and all laptops that require up to 65W of power to charge. It also has two Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 USB-A output ports that can replenish power in compatible devices. Using all three USB ports, you can charge three devices simultaneously.


Charging the ZMI 20K Pro Power Bank is very easy and fast.

Charging takes about 3 hours using a 5-20V DC 45W USB PD adapter, 5.5 hours using a 9V/2A | 12V/1.5A adapter, and 9.5 hours using a 5V/2A adapter. Be sure to use a high quality charging cable.

The power bank also acts as a USB hub (USB hub). This means that you can plug it into your laptop and connect a USB keyboard, mouse, flash drive or external hard drive to it. To use HUB mode, simply press the power button twice and again to exit. The device can also power smaller devices such as smartwatches, Bluetooth headphones, fitness trackers, etc. Pass-through charging (pass-through mode) is also supported , so you can easily charge the ZMI Power Bank and your connected devices at the same time.

Battery capacity 20000 mAh
Output voltage 5V9V12V15V20V,
Application LaptopTabletSmartphonePhone,
Colour Blue
Material Plastic
Ports 1x USB Type-C2x USB,
Quick Charge 65W
Type of battery PowerbankLithium-ion,
Wireless charging No