Xiaomi Smartmi Electric Heater 1S

* Multiple smart controls, 2200W fast warm room
* Can be scheduled for opening, remote control
* 16-28 ℃ precise constant temperature
* Natural convection heating, quiet and not dry
* High efficiency ridge type aluminum sheet heating element, efficient heat conversion
* Innovative honeycomb inclined wind guide mesh
* IPX4 splash proof
* Large digital display, touch control
* The product will turn off automatically when it is inverted. overheat protection
* Small size. Weight is only about 6 kg.



Smartmi Heater Smart version 1S
Multiple intelligent controls, 2200W fast warm room, suitable for 10-15 ㎡
Natural convection, touch screen control, double guarantee, precise constant temperature,
Comfortable and more energy-saving, array of aluminum heating elements, efficient heat conversion

Can be opened on schedule, remote control
Smartmi Heater can be connected to MIHome APP and connected to Xiaomi Al speaker.
Make an appointment before work to enjoy the warmth of your home;
You can also easily turn on and off and adjust the temperature using your mobile phone or your voice.
* Voice control function must be used with Xiaomi speaker

16-28 ℃ precise constant temperature
Everyone has different feelings about temperature, Smartmi Heater supports free temperature adjustment 16-28 ℃. Built-in dual temperature sensor intelligently maintains constant temperature.
When the ambient temperature reaches the set value,
Automatic low-power operation maintains a constant temperature.
If it is below the set value, it will heat up automatically. The room temperature is always comfortable
Which can reduce power consumption. Tookfun

Natural convection heating, quiet and not dry
Heat the local air in the home and control the convection circulation by heating the air in the home. There is no fan inside
It operates silently, there is no visible perceived airflow, and it has less impact on humidity. Only warm and not disturbing.

High efficiency ridge type aluminum sheet heating element, 2200W fast heating
Newly upgraded 72 high efficiency aluminum heating elements, which can heat up immediately after power on,
With a heat dissipation area of ​​up to 4600 square centimeters. The ribbed arrangement is more favorable for air flow,
2200W High power, and the room temperature rises faster.

Innovative Honeycomb Slope Wind Guide Mesh
The innovative mesh guiding windscreen can direct the hot air flow obliquely upwards.
It not only maintains efficient convection heating of the whole house with the top wind of the Smartmi heater,
But also refers to the heating of a crosswind at close range.

Splash proof IPX4
The Smartmi heater is rated up to IPX4 and supports splash water. The interior is completely closed
With a special drainage channel design for more thorough protection;
The heat sink is completely isolated from the power board, and the safety of the circuit is more guaranteed.

Large digital display, touch control
Temperature adjustment, more simple touch operation
Pure black touch screen, you can adjust temperature and time by touching it.
You can set up three modes of bright light, low light and close.
Weak light at night and bright light during the day are clearly displayed.
The touchscreen area is completely isolated from the heating zone.

The product turns off automatically when it is tipped over. overheat protection
When the body is accidentally tilted more than the tilt angle, or the internal cavity temperature exceeds the safe set temperature, the electric heater will automatically cut off the power, which is safer to use.

Takes up little space
Compact design, compact body, suitable for various rooms, easy to store.
The product weighs only about 6 kg and girls can easily carry it with them. Tookfun

Detailed design
Rounded corner design to prevent impact injury
Internal handles on both sides for more comfortable handling
Non-slip feet, more stable and safer

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Brand Name :  XIAOMI
Origin :  China
Application :  Living Room
Application :  Garden and vegetable garden
Application :  BATHROOM
Application :  Bedroom
Electric heater type :  Convection air heater
Power :  1200-2000 W
Certification :  CE
Certification :  RoHS
Certification :  CCC
Installation :  Portable
Installation :  Freestanding
Installation :  Stationary
Heating Element :  Heating Wire
Model Number :  XIAOMI Smartmi Heater 1S
Number of speed settings :  > Fifth gear
Heated area :  ≥20 m2
Voltage (V) :  220V
Application :  21-30m²
Functions :  Overheating protection
Functions :  Ventilation
Functions :  Remote Controlled
Functions :  Temperature Controller
Functions :  Roll-over protection
Functions :  Child lock
Functions :  Water resistant
Release Date :  2021
Size :  69 * 46 * 21cm
Wireless network :  Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b / g / n 2.4GHz
Minimum unit of measure :  100000015
Sold To :  sell_by_piece
Each pack :  1
Logistic weight :  7.200
Logistics Size – Length (cm) :  80
Logistics Size – Height (cm) :  15
Logistics size – width (cm) :  50

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