OUXI V6 Electric Bike with 500W Motor and 48V, 15 Ah Battery




  • The V6 16-inch pedal-assist folding bike is equipped with a powerful 48V 500W brushless motor with a maximum speed of 25 km/h and a 48V 15AH lithium battery to achieve a maximum riding distance of 30/55 kilometers.
  • The high-quality front and rear shock absorbers of the bike perfectly reduce unnecessary external vibrations while riding. In addition, with high-quality soft bicycle saddle to make riding even more comfortable.
  • The adjustable bicycle saddle can be adjusted to the personal height, and you can also remove the bicycle saddle after folding to reduce the volume.

Smart Security

  • SMART-BMS intelligent battery management system multi-directional protective battery
  • As a battery protection system, the BMS intelligent battery management system can intelligently monitor, manage and maintain individual battery units.
  • BMS system uses the latest in this basic can be done automatically shut down after the battery is full, avoid overcharging safety risks, protect the battery completely and personal safety.
  • In addition to protecting the BMS system, the original charger is tested by UL, CE, TUv, GS.
  • The double disc brake system greatly improves the safety of the brakes, giving you a double safety and shortening the braking distance.
  • High-gloss LED headlights and high-brightness brake lights at the rear make driving safer at night.

Simple and convenient

  • Simple dashboards, integrated buttons are easy to operate, the unique folding handlebar and frame is more convenient to take with you whether you go to work by bus or train, or in a closed trunk. In addition, the bicycle has a unique carrier plate for the bicycle crate.
  • The body is made of lightweight all-aluminium, which is lighter and more durable.
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engine 500W
range 55 km
Battery 48V, 15 Ah
max. Speed 25+ km/h
Weight 31 kg.
max. tax 150 kg.
inches (rims) 16 Inches
Water resistance IP54
suspension front and back
Colour Black