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Baseus Charging Station Lightning Little Volcano Desk Silver (ZCVL-0S)

Baseus Charging Station Lightning Little Volcano Desk Silver (ZCVL-0S)


Brand new original EU spec with EU warranty, retail pack

Color: Silver
Origin: Made in China

1. Display the soft and elegant curved appearance;
2. Selected by aluminum alloy and silica gel, providing you a good experience during using;
3. Special sound port: two sound cavity ports under the charger base, making the sound more vigorous and stereo;
4. Fast transmission: Highly efficient transmission and data copies are available when connecting the data cable and
computer by using the charging base;
5. Seamless metallic taste: Adopted the  new design elements from for iPhone 7 camera, as a charging base with the
shape of a small volcano, highlights the metallic taste;
6. Comfortable bracket angle design: The base is designed for soft and elegant curved appearance to create a
comfortable viewing angle and enjoy the leisure handsfree;
7. The charging base can be connected to the data cable and charger, plug and charge immediately when plugging
the phone into the desk charging station facing the seat charger logo at a certain angle;
8. Dust-resistant and durable design: its interface is hidden under the dustproof cover different from other universal
charging bases, effectively prevent dust and dirt from getting inside, significantly prolong the lifetime of the base;

Package Included:
1* BASEUS Little Volcano Desk Charging Phone Holder
1* 1.2m Tensile Data Cable for Apple






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