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ADO A20F XE Fat Tyre Ebike

CE Certification ,4.0 fat tyre, equipped with rear racks and fenders, providing you with a convenient and safe way to travel.


G-Driver 2.0 Control System

ADO’s updated G-Driver controller is the solution to gear automation. It offers excellent real-time performance and responds seamlessly to user input.

20X4.0 Fat Tyre

Folding electric bike looks much like any other foldable mountain bike, but with some extra style and those 20×4.0 CST fat tires have an attitude.

It combines the best of both foldable bikes and mountain bikes you can get.

Overall size : 1740*530*1200 mm

After folding: 980*450*770 mm

Net Weight: 30kg

Mechanical disc brake 3.0 , double push system

The front and rear wheels are equipped with a double disc brake system with fast heat dissipation design to ensure smooth braking and safe braking in emergency situations.

Dry braking distance <4m, wet braking distance <6M

Four layers of spray paint, lasting color fixation

The paint was changed from a single coat of spray paint to 4 coats of spray paint and 4 bakes to enhance the durability of the color and make it less susceptible to discoloration. The A20F XE remains shiny and new when other bikes experience color deterioration and discoloration due to environmental and weather effects

250w Powerful Motor

This 20-inch fat-tire electric bike packs some awesome power in the form of a massive 250-watt rear hub motor 43N.M high torque that works with a 36V 10.4Ah battery for a maximum speed of 25km per hour. The high-speed motor allows you to cross any terrain with ease.

Shimano 7-speed Transmission

ADO 20F XE  electric bike is designed for customers with 3 different riding modes, and with Shimano 7-speed shifting system, it can effectively solve the problems customers encounter on hills, snow and other difficult roads. Give customers a smooth sporting experience!

Front fork suspension to overcome rough and bumpy road conditions

The front fork is with spring absorber ,which effectively absorbs the ground impact and brings sensitive response and smooth operation to the rider.

10.4AH High-Energy Batteries

Automobile grade 18650 batteries, V2.0 BMS battery
management system, efficiency increase by 20%

Automobile grade cell
500 times of charging and discharging
Low temperature -10℃ normal use

Iron Fenders And Rear Rack

The A20F XE is equipped with iron fenders and a rear rack. The iron fenders help keep out rain and mud on rainy days, and the rear rack makes it easier to carry your belongings when you need them; you can also remove them when you don’t need them.

COLOR Black/White/Gray MAX SPEED 25km/h
TYPE 20*4.0 Inch TRANSMISSION Shimano 7 speed
OVERALL UNIT 1740*530*1200 mm ELECTRIC RANGE 60km/37mi
AFTER FOLDING 980*450*770 mm ASSISTING RANGE 80km/50mi
BRAKE 3.0 double disc brakes CHARGING TIME 4-6 hours
SUSPENSION Front fork /saddle tube shock absorber WORKING TEMPERATURE -10~50°C