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ADO A20 XE Electric Bike

CE Certification ,compliant with EU traffic regulations, equipped with rear racks and fenders, providing you with a convenient and safe way to travel.


G-Driver 2.0 Control System

ADO Ebike using G-Driver frequency conversion control system, it can
quickly receive signals and effectively reduce energy loss.

10.4AH High-Energy Batteries

Automobile grade 18650 batteries, V2.0 BMS battery
management system, efficiency increase by 20%

Automobile grade cell
500 times of charging and discharging
Low temperature -10℃ normal use

Mechanical disc brake 3.0 with dual push system

The front and rear wheels are equipped with a double disc brake system with fast heat dissipation design to ensure smooth braking and safe braking in emergency situations.

Four layers of spray paint, lasting color fixation

The paint was changed from a single coat of spray paint to 4 coats of spray paint and 4 bakes to enhance the durability of the color and make it less susceptible to discoloration. The A20 XE remains shiny and new when other bikes experience color deterioration and discoloration due to environmental and weather effects.

The frame is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, and the weight of the whole bike is only 21.2KG, and it has been verified by SGS laboratory 400,000 times aging test.

Shimano 7-speed Transmission


In the cycling world Shimano is known for producing high quality, long-lasting components. Because of Shimano’s reputation and proven performance, ADO chose the Shimano 7-speed transmission for the A20XE. The Shimano 7-speed transmission works particularly well in combination with the 3-speed adjustable power assist.

250W Brushless Gear DC Motor

250W hall brushless gear DC motor with G-Drive control system, A20XE provides the cross-country riding experience.

Multi-Suspension System

The Ado A20XE’s multi-suspension technology will astound you with how well it handles bumps and vibrations. You’ll even find that riding small steps is simple.

Main vibration damping points:

1. Front fork dual dynamic shock absorption.
2. Double saddle elastic shock absorption.
3. A20XE saddle tube gravity damping.
4. Wheel dual gravity air damping.

Iron Fenders And Rear Rack

The A20XE is equipped with iron fenders and a rear rack. The iron fenders help keep out rain and mud on rainy days, and the rear rack makes it easier to carry your belongings when you need them; you can also remove them when you don’t need them.

Bike Size

Overall unit: 1550*530*1100mm

After folding: 900*430*700mm

Adjustable Height

The ebike handlebar and seat tube can be adjusted according to different height needs, A20 XE is suitable for riders 140cm-190cm in height. Max load<120kg.

COLOR Black/White/Gray MAX SPEED 25km/h
TYPE 20*1.95 Inch TRANSMISSION Shimano 7 speed
OVERALL UNIT 155*53*110cm ELECTRIC RANGE 60km/37mi
BRAKE 3.0 double disc brakes CHARGING TIME 4-6 hours
SUSPENSION Front fork /saddle tube shock absorber WORKING TEMPERATURE -10~50°C