Simplify the movement of people and things to make life more convenient and interesting Simply Moving.


Let innovative short transportation and robot products serve 1 billion people around the world to become the coolest and respected Fortune 500 technology company, and let corporate strugglers get more than expected returns.


Focusing on user value, struggling as the center, innovation as the driving force, result-oriented.

Ninebot E-scooter

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About Ninebot

Nine Company

Segway-Ninebot (Segway-Ninebot) is an innovative company in the field of global innovative short transportation and robotics.

The company is based on the global market with an international perspective, with the mission of “simplifying the movement of people and things, making life more convenient and interesting”, focusing on leading the innovation and transformation of intelligent short-term transportation and robot products.

As a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service, No.9 company has 1000+ global industry-based core patents. Its products include balance vehicles, scooters, robots, all-terrain vehicles, electric vehicles, balance wheels, and karts It is widely used in intelligent short transportation, robots, cool entertainment and other fields to meet the diverse and personalized needs of users and continue to lead the development of the industry.